Go Where You Want W/ Who You Want

A point-to-point, peer-to-peer transportation solution for youth.

Despite the increasing access to opportunities that our digital revolution can provide tomorrow's emerging leaders, the need for physical access and mobility has become more important than ever. School choice, limited after-school programming, and a networked approach to city resources means that our youth need to move more than ever.

RideW/Me shortens the pathways between youth and learning opportunities by helping them coordinate flexible transportation options; it provides peace-of-mind for concerned guardians; and it delivers invaluable information about the youth attending programs and events to service providers.

With RideW/Me, young people quickly find events that their peers are already attending, immediately access a range of transportation options – including financially accessible alternative shared-use mobility – and join their peers by indicating their estimated time of departure. This information becomes accessible to approved guardians and service providers.

For Youth

  • Young people don't want to travel alone;
  • For youth in low-income or poverty households, public transit costs are prohibitive;
  • Young people in Chicago are not aware of transit routes, transit options, or don't consider their options;
  • Our city is large, segregated and divided into neighborhoods and territories that youth don't always know how to navigate through or around safely;

For Guardians

  • Guardians want to know what their children are doing and where they are;
  • Guardians want their children to be safe and choose safe modes of transportation;
  • Guardians want their children to have access to broad range of learning opportunities in and out of school;

For Service Providers

  • For service providers, consistent attendance is more important than punctuality;
  • Service providers share many of the same concerns as guardians, with added logistical issues;
  • Service providers want to know how many learners are coming to their programs, where they are coming from, and when they might get there;