Go Where You Want W/ Who You Want

Enabled Features

For All

Simple Sign-in: Users login with a personal email and password, but can issue a secondary guardian password to allow trusted adult allies access to basic activity data. Service providers login using their institutional email to automatically connect them with attendance data for their organization.  

For Students

Routing: Integrated map and transportation options with recommended departure times based on punctuality choice encourage youth to attend and travel with friends;

Event Search: Streamlined event search minimized decision density to get youth to detailed program information for nearby or popular opportunities with just 3 clicks from home-screen get's kids to learning opportunities fast.

Peer Travel: Default association to the learner's origin school creates an anonymized peer group for shared-travel.

For Service Providers

Attendance: Dynamic, real-time student commitment tracking and attendance data.

Features In Development

Location: GPS-based location tracking with notifications for approved guardians at the time of departure or arrival;

Social Media: Integration with leading social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – to provide a more engaging experience, enable event sharing, import friend-lists for non-anonymized self-associated peer-travel, and simplified login credentials.

Transit Marketplace: In order to provide more financially accessible transportation options, RideW/Me would enable an open marketplace for shared-use and peer-to-peer riding solutions.

Pick-up Routing: Service providers would use RideW/Me to map pick-up routes based on student commitments to be used when hiring transportation providers like school bus services. Bus or van drivers with the RideW/Me app could follow a route; youth could check-in when boarding a ride; service providers could track pick-ups or drop-offs.