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The RideW/Me team is comprised of educators, learners, developers, designers, and other concerned citizens who are passionate about transforming the learning landscape of Chicago. Team members convene at Mozilla Hive Chicago Learning Network monthly meetups, Chi Hack Night weekly meetups, and yearly hack days like Hive Chicago Buzz, the Center for Neighborhood Technology Urban Sustainability Apps Challenge, and other events to advance their prototypes from concept to product.

RideW/Me is an open source project, hosted on GitHub, Heroku, and Google Docs. Our team of volunteers works collaboratively and in the open following a human-centered design approach. Solutions arise directly from community members, who are further engaged in the development and testing of our prototypes. This collaborative design approach is inspired by, supported and enriched by Mozilla’s experiences as one of the world’s largest and most successful social enterprises on Earth.


Idea Leaders

Jackie Moore, Executive Director of Agape Werks

Jennifer Bundy, Manager, STEM Teen Programs at the Adler Planetarium

Amaris Alanis-Ribeiro, Manager, Secondary Education Programs at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Robert Friedman, Portfolio Strategist at Mozilla Hive Chicago

Civic Partners

Sarah Nemecek, Operations Manager at Shared-Use Mobility Center

Vaughn Bryant, Chief Program Officer at Chicago Park District



UI/UX & Design

Marina Malone, Senior at Northside College Prep, Chicago Public Schools

Esteban Martinez, Senior at Lane Tech, Chicago Public Schools

Kevin Estrella, Undergraduate Student at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

David Miller, Visual and Interactive Design Lead at the Adler Planetarium

Ricardo Vazquez, UI/UX Designer at Mozilla

Ethan Heppner, Administrative Support Specialist at GSA

Margaret Heppner, Undergraduate Student

Web Developers

Christopher Bohl, Recent Graduate of Dev Bootcamp Chicago

Jeffrey Subbarao, Undergraduate Student at Case-Western Reserve University

Kevin Yaroch, Support Engineer at Hurricane Electric

Derek Gliwa, Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Timothy Choh, Undergraduate Student at University of Illinois at Chicago

Tyler Bobella, Junior Software Developer at kohactive

... and also including: Brandon Tang, Thomas Morris, Peter Manhart, Peter Macaluso, Mendel Feygelson, and Will McFadden